Tradrz flow


With Tradrz FLOW, now YOU can trade along side the Smart Money on Wall Street! 

Follow large equity sweeps and multi-exchange orders in real-time!

With tradrz ALGO, you can see:


   1) The ticker that was purchased.

   2) Which side of the option chain it  was on. Calls or Puts.

   3) The type of order that took place.

   4) The amount of contracts purchased and the price they were purchase at.


   5) The total cost of the trade!


Understanding Sentiment:

Most option flow algorithms only follow the last trade in the order.
With tradrz FLOW, we follow the entire order and it is weighted towards the bid/ask price. 

BULLISH Calls are placed at the ask

BEARISH Calls are placed at the ask

BEARISH Calls are placed at the bid
BULLISH Puts are placed at the bid
**These are considered "short" orders or Sell To Open and are        opposite of the common "long" orders most are familiar with**

This is a great thing to understand when watching option flow because you will understand which side of the trade the large order was on. For example, if an AAPL CALL order comes through for $500k with BEARISH sentiment, we know that the majority of the trades in this order were on the BID side and its likely this was a SHORT position or a CLOSING position.