Tradrz ALGO is a complex trading system that is made easy for users through our advanced BUY and SELL signals!

Our BUY and SELL indicators predict trends with amazing accuracy and let you get ahead of the trend!

If a "STRONG" signal appears, it indicates that the trend is more likely to continue moving in same direction as the trend.

Tradrz ALGO is also equipped with several features to help give you an additional edge on the market! These features include: Support and Resistance Levels, Tradrz CLOUD, Linear Regression, and more!

These features can be toggled on and off by hovering your mouse over "Tradrz ALGO" in the top left corner of the chart and pressing the gears icon.

Head over to our Discord Server from our homepage our by pressing the "24/7 Live Support" Button on the Support page to learn more about these features!


Trading options with Tradrz ALGO is just as easy! However, we suggest using the 5 minute timeframe or greater unless you are a very experienced options trader. 

The current "Sensitivity" setting on Tradrz ALGO is what we feel is best for all timeframes and all tickers. However, larger timeframes such as 2h, 4h, 1d, and so on, are more accurate with a sensitivity of 1.8 - 2.2.